I'm SO HAPPY to have the privilege to pay for this app. Simply because it solves solving my biggest pain point with note taking: remove barring to processing new notes. First with a very fast, very convient mobile app. Second, making it sync directly to my vault. Third, and most importantly: an interface making it easy to address unprocessed notes. That's maybe my favorite feature of the three. It's changed my day to day. A big thank you for fleeting notes. 🙏🏼

Oct 17, 2022

Timothy Hare

Timothy Hare

I've struggled to create a frictionless workflow to deal with the inflow of information and Fleeting Notes has made my work much easier! It is always available and ready for me to record new notes and seamlessly allows me to organize and process them in Obsidian. The developer has created a great community, responds to feedback quickly, and app keeps getting better.

Sep 10, 2022

I broke up with Google Keep for Fleeting Notes, and I don't think I'll be going back to my ex anytime soon ;) It fits into all my use cases, whether it be reading articles or recording ideas during my walks.

Sep 4, 2022

Hannah Weaver

Hannah Weaver

I have just tried Fleeting notes (chrome extension) and oh my gosh I think I'm in love! Seriously thank you for creating this. I was using Notion, but have just decided to switch from Obsidian. The one thing I was trying to work out was a substitute for the Notion web clipper but honestly this is way better. Being able to take notes and save the source URL seamlessly without even having to leave the site? This is the dream haha.

Sep 15, 2022

I'm using a PKM to make my life as a disabled person easier to manage as well as to organise my studies. Fleet Notes is an excellent tool to use for this!

Sep 11, 2022