I was in a rut and unenthusiastic about dating so I decided to take FYFP. Hey, it couldn't hurt, right? It turned out to be a great decision. 

Coach Kavita brings energy, passion, and knowledge. The time spent on inner work helped me to pinpoint places where I was bringing negative energy to the dating world, and I enjoyed adapting Coach Kavita's approach to my own personality. 

But the best part of the course was connecting with the other students as we all try to figure out this wacky dating world together. I definitely left the course with renewed confidence and excitement to dive back into dating!

Aug 1, 2022



I didn't get to date much during the pandemic so coming out of it, I was feeling a bit unsure of myself. 

This course is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for self betterment and to break old dating habits. 

Coach Kavita has a knack for shedding new light and offered a fresh and positive approach to some of the more difficult aspects of dating. 

The course is a godsend! After completing the 6 course program I honestly feel like a new man with an improved perspective! Not to brag but I already have a few dates lined up with some gorgeous women! 

Thanks Kavita and Eric!!

Jun 27, 2022



I was at a low point in my life, where every date ended in being ghosted or being told that we should stop seeing each other. Determined to fix my dating life, I decided to enroll in the FYFP course. 

I love that the course was interactive, where we could learn from the instructor in real-time and we could ask questions for clarity. This isn't your cookie-cutter video online course. You could get feedback real quick and much of the topics actually covered the areas where I was lacking. In fact, I learned to be conscious of my own wellbeing whenever I'm on a date and what I have to offer, and that has made a difference in my life these days.

Recently, I called a date and we hit it off pretty quick given I took the lessons to build a genuine connection. We're scheduling a video date soon and I can't wait to take my dating life to the next level!

Jul 13, 2022



I worked with Kavita when my online dating profile was in desperate need of improvement. It made a huge difference! 

As soon as my revised dating profile went live, I finally began to receive messages from the type of women I was seekingOne woman reached out only to congratulate me on my well-written and engaging profile! 

Kavita’s expertise and experience, coupled with her ability to personalize her approach to the individual truly made a difference for me.

Jul 22, 2022



After getting very few matches for months, I decided to change things up. A professional like Coach Kavita can make the difference between striking out and getting on base.

She dissected my app profile with precision and offered practical tips like toning down my love for sports and providing insight into my life today to move the needle.

Two weeks later, I matched with three quality women from different backgrounds and still seeing one of them on a regular basis three months later! We should be planning our first out of town trip soon too.

My advice is to take Kavita’s advice. Your future self will thank you.

Jul 19, 2022



Kavita helped me change my headspace from all the dating apps. 

I thought it was something wrong with me or my profile.... but Kavita dug deeper to find out my true qualities and help me build a stronger and more unique profile that made me stand out and in all definitely get me more matches!

Jul 19, 2022



Coach Kavita is phenomenal! 

I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time and the concepts and skills acquired in the course will serve me well. 

Overall everything was well organized and now, after completing the course, I feel confident and ready for what lies ahead. 

Jun 29, 2022