Eric McCahill

Eric McCahill

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We used SocialPoint recently at our Sika National Sales Meeting, to increase engagement at our internal tradeshow and to provide attendees a fun, competitive game that promotes cooperation and team spirit. SocialPoint delivered on all those pieces and our official mobile game, 'Sika GO!' was a smash hit! We got things going even before the meeting took place by sending out a couple pre-event company history quizzes, then a full set of booth-specific quizzes and QR check-ins at the show. The most fun? We hid 30 everyday items throughout the conference areas we occupied, all with bonus QR codes and points attached to them. All was very fun, very competitive, and very easy to manage. Shoutouts to Victor and crew for guiding us early on as we ramped up our Audience Participation Game, and along the way whenever we had a question. A response always came quickly and several virtual meetings were extremely helpful. We'll definitely consider using SocialPoint again, as the best thing about it is its QUICKNESS and ease of use, especially in the moment - changing a quiz question, modifying points, etc. all were fast-fast-fast. Thanks guys! -Eric

Dec 6, 2022



We used SocialPoint for an internal company event and the platform was great! Our employees got very competitive with the leaderboard system and it drove more participation and engagement for our event.

Oct 25, 2022

Megan Collier

Megan Collier

We had no issues using SocialPoint gamification onsite during our conference and pulling the player data and editing the trivia/ challenge questions on site was super easy. The dashboard and app was very user friendly as a whole.

Sep 26, 2022


Lisa Marzulo

Jeannie and the SocialPoint team were so great to work with! Always available to setup a call to discuss the process and made it super easy to stay organized. I definitely recommend working with them for their digital gamification solutions.

Aug 11, 2022

Stephanie Dumey

Stephanie Dumey

Stephanie Dumey, CMP Association of International Certified Professional Accountants We have used the scavenger hunt feature of Socialpoint on numerous occasions. We use it to engage with our in person and virtual audience. It is also a tool to drive attendees to speak with our exhibitors. The platform is very simple to use and the customer service is outstanding!

Jul 3, 2022


Christianne Williams

As a event specialist, I used Socialpoint to facilitate in-person engagement and learning at our mid-year sales meeting. Socialpoint made it easy for attendees to earn points and see their ranking. The best thing about Socialpoint was the flexibility with setup, ease of use and access to reports and dashboard. This made the overall experience on a tight timeline very seamless!

Jun 2, 2022


Mark Wellnitz

We were looking for an easy-to-use platform that would generate more interaction and engagement with attendees of our annual sales meeting. We chose SocialPoint because of its many options, the service model and the overall value the platform offered. We weren’t disappointed. We’ve now used the platform in both a virtual setting and a face-to-face setting, and it delivered excellent results in both. We intend to use it again in the future.

Jul 1, 2022