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Dr. Stacy Snow, Dr. Stacy Snow, PT, DPT, Founder of Tranquil Place PT & Wellness

My name is Dr. Stacy Snow and I am the Founder of Tranquil Place PT & Wellness, a specialty practice that works primarily with female runners and CrossFit athletes. Since joining CEO Finance Academy, my finances have gone from being unorganized and haphazard, so organized and purposeful. I now know exactly how much money I *truly* have, pay myself a consistent salary, and put the right amount away for growth and taxes. My profit has grown substantially, simply because I know how to manage it the right way and how to make decisions that will actually improve the bottomline. The best thing about being in the Academy was coming up with a plan that works FOR me. Having a plan takes away the stress of being a business owner and helps you to make good decisions that are based on data and the numbers and not just guessing. I would absolutely recommend CEO Finance Academy to every business owner. Most of us don't learn how to build a business in school, and especially not how to successfully manage the finances of that business, but the CEO Finance Academy teaches you how to do that in a simple, effective, and step-by-step way that helps you to improve your finances immediately and keep more of the money you earn. Alex and Will are extremely down to earth, very trustworthy, and started in healthcare themselves so they are the perfect team to help you on this journey! Joining this program is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!