It's extremely rare that I write recommendations for people on LinkedIn but Hamish definitely deserves it. I'm not exactly sure how I started following Hamish but I believe someone in my network liked his post around offering to help people get into software sales. So, I reached out to Hamish and he responded immediately offering a time to connect. He delivered on his promise 4x over. Once I explained to Hamish that I was about to start a new job as an enterprise AE for a software company, he offered to schedule 3 coaching sessions each 30 minutes long over the ensuing 3 weeks before I started. During those sessions, we covered all types of things like G2M strategy, ICPs/personas and even role played a bit for a client call. He was extremely consultative in trying to best understand the product/offering, price point, sales cycle, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Hamish and would recommend doing so to anyone looking to get better at sales. He's an absolute gem of a human being.
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Nick Sandoval

Enterprise Account Executive @ Upwork